The power of light

What do you need to live? This question came up a lot in my science lessons when I taught primary school children. But sunlight was always one of the last answers.
Without natural light, not only would plants be in trouble, but we humans would be too. For a newborn, the first impression of the world is light. The lack of light affects our health and our mood. It is so natural to live in light that we only really notice its absence. The absence of light creates anxiety and fear in our souls, whereas a tiny ray of light can bring us comfort in the darkness of night.
Natural light cannot be replaced by artificial light. In our modern world, however, we use artificial light to illuminate our interiors and carry out our daily tasks.
Mood lighting can be very beneficial to our bodies. LED strips, spotlights, both monochrome and variable colour, have become very popular recently. This is no coincidence, as they can be used to create mood lights that have an immediate beneficial effect on our mood. Well placed in the home, spotlights can be a key element in the interior design, as well as cheering you up and improving your mood.
This can be much needed in the months when it gets dark outside early. But unfortunately, some families in the latter months of spring also have few opportunities to spend the day in natural light, which doesn't help the mood to soar. Many spend much of their day in a tiny apartment in poor lighting conditions, watching the news about the coronavirus. But the presence of soothing lights can ease our anxiety and make our evenings more cosy and loving. Take a look around my site and use a cosy lamp to relieve tension and spend time in the sunlight regularly, the best antidote to depression and low mood.