Playful light


Unfortunately, a visit to the dentist is usually unavoidable. The other day I was in for a treatment when we started talking about the lights I had done. It turned into me being asked to create the logo for the doctor's business card. The stylized tooth and logo immediately arranged itself in my imagination, I didn't have much to do. But as usual, I immediately thought of what could go on the lamp in the dentist's office. I thought of the tooth fairy who used to visit my children. They couldn't wait to see what she hid under their pillows each morning. Of course, there was always something small and they would happily run over to our room, delighted to see the tooth fairy.Translated with (free version)

So, as soon as I got home, I grabbed a pencil and started drawing. While I was drawing, the teacher came out of me. Children who enter the doctor's office on their first visit (and some on others) usually sit in the doctor's chair with anxiety and fear. It can be solved with stories and distraction. So I've hidden some animals in the woods, maybe looking for them will lighten the mood a bit. Then came the butterflies, which can be counted, and to make it not so easy I got some into the forest.

You are made very welcome in the surgery and you can meet him in the waiting room.